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Why Chairs?

Hi Friends;

When I meet people and tell them about my business I'm often asked "Why Chairs?" and so I thought I'd share my story with you on why I created Wrapped Studio and how it became the chair boutique it is today.

Fifteen years ago whilst pregnant with our youngest son, Alex, living in Canada, I was on a mission to redecorate our bedroom, you could say I was in "nesting mode". I wanted to create a cozy beautiful space where we could relax (and hide - lol) after a hectic day with the children. I decided our hard wooden sleigh bed needed to be replaced with a soft sumptuous headboard and lots of pretty pillows. I'd always loved decorating and sewing so headed off to my favourite fabric shop for inspiration followed by a trip to the hardware shop for supplies. A couple of weeks later our bedroom was transformed and I was hooked. The feeling of creating a beautiful piece of furniture from scratch was A-MAZING! and the ideas of what else I could create started flowing. Now to be honest, the back of that headboard was not pretty and I knew I needed to learn some real skills if I wanted to actually create something someone else might want to buy, but I knew it was definitely a path I needed to explore.

This is a photo of the second bed I made for us, after a couple of years of training and mentoring from Dale.

A little over a year later, Alex turned One and the time had finally arrived for me to explore this new direction. I took some upholstery classes, and was lucky enough to meet an amazing craftsman named Dale who took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew. Wrapped Studio was launched and I began making upholstered headboards for local homeowners and interior designers in my area. I spent the next few years gaining experience and improving my skills. I grew as a designer and my love for beautiful fabrics set me on a path where I became known for creating unique and colourful pieces. Headboards turned into full beds, ottomans, armchairs and even made a few couches, but what I really loved out of all the furniture I was creating was chairs - dining chairs and accent chairs. I found my clients were more open to being creative with these pieces and I could create unique designs with personality.

In 2021, my dream of moving home to the UK was realised and we relocated our family and set up a new life in the Midlands close to family.

The time had come to focus on Wrapped Studio UK. It has been an amazing gift to have the opportunity to restart. I was able to take everything I have learned and create a business of my dreams.

And so to answer that question "Why Chairs?" it's because I had an opportunity to niche down and start a business I love that involves creativity and working one on one with you to create beautiful one of a kind pieces of furniture. You can go anywhere and buy a set of grey dining chairs - but if you are looking for chairs that will bring your room to life, have a splash of personality and make you smile then I'm your gal! So let's get together and recreate your space with beautiful fabrics and have some fun in the process! x

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